What is Laget?

Trondheim Christian Student Fellowship or «Laget» is part of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). Laget is primarily a fellowship for Christian students. We have an evangelical foundation, like most ministries in Norway, but students from all churches and faiths are welcome. You can read more about us and our beliefs here.

Weekly program

Gatherings that happen every week during the semester: (Updated fall 2022)

    “Lagsmeeting” at Berg Prestegård – Fridays at 19.30

In addition, there are lots of other fun and educational events during the semester. Make sure to follow our facebook page to get information about events, and become part of our facebook group to join or take more private initiatives.


Our main gatherings take place at Berg Prestegård Fridays 7.30pm.

Though Laget is a Christian organization, we welcome young adults of all faiths, and try to make the events accessible regardless of language and worldview. Usually we focus on interactions in smaller groups, for instance group discussions about interesting topics. You are very welcome!

The Lagsmeeting is the backbone of our fellowship in Laget. Every Friday at 19.30 we meet to encourage each other, share from our lives with God, pray, eat something sweet and socialize. How we do that vary a lot, so check our facebook page to see what will happen, contact us on facebook if anything is unclear, or just join us for a potential surprise 😉

Some of the churces in Trondheim

We want to help you get in touch with a church, as we think it is good for Christians to be part of a congregation. Here is a list of some that offer translation, to the best of our knowledge.

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